Monday, September 22, 2014

Don't You Love a Free Pattern?!

Well don't you just love a free pattern?  Me too! And is it my imagination or do some of the very best patterns, from the very best pattern-makers, fall into our inboxes for no charge at all?!

In my opinion, there's just no point in resisting temptation when talented people are so generous with their work.  So I'm here, with my new little friend, encouraging you to take advantage of a freebie you've seen recently.

Don't hesitate.  Just make it!

I stitched up this flying squirrel in a couple of hours for under five dollars.  The pattern was designed by Abby Glassenberg.  She offered a free tutorial at Mollie Johanson's blog, Wild Olive.

I'm smitten!

I used a heathered Polartec fabric from JoAnn's which feels amazing and added the felt eyelashes after gazing at some Siberian Flying Squirrel pics here.  Aren't they the cutest?

And now I'm wondering.  Who made your favorite free pattern?

Do tell!



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